Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Library Party

At the end of July the library hosts a summer reading party. I hate it.
My children love it. So I took them.
We were blessed I found a really close spot when we showed up at 10:45. We left by 12. It was actually pretty nice. (Its suppose to be finished by 12.)
Our summer reading theme was Fizz Boom Read like the rest of the nation. See my cute boy carrying his robot.
One of the stations is spray temporary hair dye. She was beyond excited to finally get her pink hair.
 He got green, you can barely tell. I think his hair is too dark/coarse/thick. Maybe if it was a different color?
 If the big kids were doing it, of course Turbo wanted it. He got red dots, J thought the red head needed red hair.
 At 11:45 there is no line for face painting!

 Plus robots robots robots, read for fizz boom read. The kids go around this summer, saying that and teaching Turbo to say it.
 He calmly watched his siblings make robots, and then we tried to leave. He freaked out, that he didn't make one.  Apparently he knows how to wait his turn. He carefully carried around his robot for over an hour! He is adorable. He posed this picture.
 This child. He is my Vulcan. He asked for this picture and then purposely looked away. Wikipedia says Vulcans are, "...noted for their attempt to live by reason and logic with no interference from emotion" This picture captures, along with all of his singular pictures, his lack of emotional interference.
 Oh this boy, I just want to hold him on the couch and never let him grow up. Minus the tantrums I love this age, and I know I'm going to blink and he is going to be going into third grade, and gone will be the babe who thinks the sun rises and falls with my permission. Gone will be the boy that has to watch every truck drive by our front window, and yell at all the dogs. I know this will happen, because I have a boy who long ago stopped screaming in joy when we drove by diggers at construction sites.
This girl is growing out of her pink obsession into a purple craze. I knew it would happened, but now that its happening I don't know I feel about it.
I should mention, we did swim lessons before the library party. I am wonder woman, if you have never had two under two you have no idea how hard it is to do normal every day life, and to add adventures for two elementary school age kids, and woah. I took a nap when we got home. Mr. A's doctor told me when she had two under two she would tell people what you can do in a half an hour, I can do in a half a day.

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