Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baby Portrait

Today my daughter got out some paper and a clipboard and informed me she was going to draw the baby.  I was holding him, and so she took a good look at him and got to work.
When I directed her to draw his ears, she made them HUGE. I said they look like bat ears. She said no fairy ears. Its a fairy, we said it looks like a bat. So then she added more wings and I said it looks like a butterfly now.  She didn't like that so she started over.
She did his big head.
Then big eyes
Teeny nose
Big Smile
then ears
(She narrated as she went along.)
 When she got to his tiny toes and hands, I asked her to count his fingers.  She counted five, I asked how many she drew? She said three, then she added three more for a grand total of 6. I'm not sure why, but she thought it was funny.  Then I asked about his toes, she said no, he only gets four toes. She then drew his bottle.  (She thinks I'm ruining her life since I don't give him a bottle.) Then I helped her write his name, but apparently she decided she didn't like it and crossed it out.

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