Friday, May 2, 2014

Sneak Preview

I would like to write my latest birth story, I've been thinking about it, but all I have time for is thinking not writing. I pretty sure I spend the whole day holding either my big baby or my little baby. Occasionally when they are both asleep I either shower, sweep or eat ice cream. Anyway, back to my birth story, I wish I world have known 8 years ago that there is no failing or succeeding when it comes to giving birth. So many have such strong opinions when it comes to women giving birth, but it's all so ridiculous. Each woman is different and each birth is different, just like each baby and child is different. There is no right or wrong way to give birth, all that is important is the mother and child are healthy. And sometimes no matter what everyone has tried something does go wrong, and no amount of statistics could have fixed it. Still the woman did nothing wrong, life just had unexpected tragedy. When it comes to giving birth there is a lot of finger pointing and blaming and I for one wish it would all stop. Eight years ago I bought into the idea that the medical industry treats births like problems like a disease to be medicated and fixed, but if we embrace nature everything will all work out, as long as we have planned ahead. Guess what that works most of the time, but it didn't work all of the time. If it worked all of the time infant mortality rates 200 years ago wouldn't have been 140 out of a 1,000. And it worked all of the time there wouldn't still be rates that high in some third world countries in the world. Anyway, with all that prefaced, I accepted by body for its limitations, and been very pleased with the medical care I've received, over the years even if I absolutely hate staying in the hospital more than 20 hours. Especially since two out of my four babies were born blue and needed infant resuscitation. It makes my heart bleed to know some women still give birth in areas that don't have access to medical knowledge to solve such issues.
Turns out this has ended up much longer than expected, but I wish more of society was about helping everyone to find the best for them, instead of selling people to their cause, by demeaning the opposite side.


  1. I agree with you mostly, but I will still contend that giving birth on the hood of a vehicle driving over 35 mph down a dirt road, while painting your toenails, and drinking tuna water through a straw, is absolutely wrong, and always will be.