Saturday, May 17, 2014

3 months

This other day I was out with just my 8 year old and baby. A lady smiled and asked how old my baby was. She was wrangling four kids so no doubt she was feeling nostalgic to when they had no choice to but to listen. To when she had a hand per child. I said three months. She replied oh a big three months. I unsurely said I think he is closer to four. She looked puzzled, when I added he's my fourth so as long as they are all fed, it's a success. She laughed. She walked away. I could faintly hear her chastise her kids for not listening to her. Point of the story, I thought closer to four months, but I was wrong. Exactly three and a half, almost to the day. I think she was right, he probably is big. He started into his 3- 6 month clothes at 2 months. He is my biggest for this age. But other than memories I don't have much to compare him to. My first two wore clothes exactly on schedule. The next closest baby I know older than him is 6 months older. I know one baby a week younger who is quite a bit smaller, but one proves nothing. Then a friend has a baby 2 months younger, but I've only seen her once. It's odd, it seems like all my other babies were born in a big slue of babies. Not him, there are only two other pregnant women at church, he'll be 4 months and 6 months before those babies are born. When he was born their moms weren't even showing. The baby next closest in age older just had her first birthday. (Actually the baby a week younger goes to church with us, but he is moving in a few weeks.)

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  1. Everyone comments on how huge our baby is too, and it sounds like he is growing at a similar rate as your little one. Will didn't even fit most of the newborn stuff he got when he was born, and he weighed 17 pounds yesterday at the doctor's office. He just turned 13 weeks old. I have him in 6-9 month old outfits, and he's even worn a couple 12 month old onesies.