Monday, January 20, 2014


Oh my husband and I use to be so young!  We still are young, but not as young, now I feel like society deems us old enough to be respectable young parents.  When our oldest was a toddler, not so much.  
I use to worry that we were much too young to be parents, mostly because everyone told us we were too young. I worried when our kids moved out we would be too young to be empty nesters.  Now like I said we are at much more respectable ages, 29 and 31 are much more respectable ages to have printed on a birth certificate.  Society still deems us as young parents. But the worry is gone, I love it now, I look back at the pictures and we were so young. I love it.  We've grown up together, I can't even fathom any dreams or plans I would have in life without my husband. We go on adventures with our children, instead of putting off children for adventures.  Hopefully we are fun parents, we'll be young grandparents, we'll be like my grandparents and be great grandparents. We never became spoiled adults, because we always had to pay for tuition, food and baby clothes.  Last pregnancy I was sad that I would never have a fancy baby nursery, now I kind of take it as a badge of honor.  Babies don't really need all that stuff anyway.  We are no longer poor, but we spent years broke in school, so our perspective and wants are different, like I said we grew up together.

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