Wednesday, January 22, 2014

One Week

In a week I'll have another baby.  A little odd to think about.  I'm not sure I'm ready for this one.  In preparation, here is day old pictures of my other three. 
 And blogger is super awesome, and doesn't allow to rotate pictures after upload.  Get with the picture blogger.
 This was my fat baby, coming in almost 2 lbs heavier than the others. His hat wouldn't stay on, because he was too big.
I really don't feel ready for this next baby.
How will I take two under two grocery shopping?  How will I make sure all four bathe on a regular basis?  Until #3 was big enough to bath with #2, he routinely bathed only once a week.  Yes, I'm that terrible of a mom, I just couldn't remember to get it in my schedule.
I'm ignoring the horrors of school pick up with two under two, and a 5 year old that likes to cry at any trigger.  Its already an awful daily event, that takes 45 minutes, so you know we'll just add to the madness. This doesn't actually stress me out, I'm either in denial, or pass caring. I'm sure it will get worse, but I'm not sure how it possibly could, so I've made peace.

By the way, I'm not ready, having a baby in the middle of the school year with two children in attendance is super stressful! Like beyond stressful.  But I'm so excited, for #4 to be in our family.  I've wanted my last two close together, this just makes my family seem perfect.  For years, I wondered what the future of my family would be, when I would finally feel like it was the the right time to have another. (I know three years does not seem like a long time for most, and some have to endure much longer, but it was still plenty challenging.)  I regularly got a peaceful feeling of right now your family is perfect... So even though society deems one son and one daughter perfect, I knew in time there would be more.  So now I'm thrilled to have two close together, because that has just never been our path before, but the first couple of months will be crazy!

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