Monday, January 20, 2014

Almost 8

My oldest turns 8 in four and half weeks.  In our church 8 is a huge deal! He gets baptized in 6 weeks.  I told my husband I wanted to pay a friend to take pictures of him, my husband said why don't I take pictures of him.  Good point.  So you know, these might be only semi-professional, but good enough for the girl my husband dates.
 He finished reading the whole Book of Mormon before Christmas, we are very proud of him, he is working on memorizing the 13th Article of Faith, he has finished the other 12.
 He is so old and helpful these days, it seems like so long ago he was just a little guy. He is an awesome big brother to all his siblings and so patient with them, much more patient then his mom. He is truly his little brother and little sister's best friend, he is so nice to them.

 We are late bloomers, and he didn't get his baby teeth until he was 14 months old, so he hasn't lost any baby teeth yet. At least is grown up teeth will be real healthy, according to the dentist.

Lastly, here is a picture of him on the day he was blessed. The 8 years have past so quick and so slow all at the same time.

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