Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Third Boy

I'm 21 weeks pregnant.  Only 19 more to woot! Maybe even less if my doctor induces me early again.  (I use to be against such things, until I saw how my body labors, by far my easiest child to birth was the one that was induced early.  That might be one of the reasons we are having babies 18 months apart.) 

I had another ultrasound.  The ultrasound technician told me by baby is beautiful, and its more than skin deep, his organs are just as beautiful.  Yes, I'm having my third boy.  Which is wonderful, I love my boys.  I just want to squeeze them and keep them little forever.  Then again, President Hinckley said, "that when a man gets old he had better have daughters about him." I'll never be an old man but I'm also grateful for my daughter. But I appreciate the blessing of having more boys than girls, girls baffle me. My daughter is such a firecracker one of her equals three brothers.

Back to the baby, the tech asked how big my babies were, she guessed he was going to be on the large size again.  Oh, baby A at 9 pounds was so big.  This baby has long arms, and very wiggly like our others.  The more babies I have, the more ultrasounds I have, and the more I have, the more it bewilders me that I can grow a human being in my abdomen. I mean there is another heart beating inside of me, and to see a picture of a four heart chamber that inside of me, just boggles my mind.

 I'm not sure if brains and skulls change in the next 19 weeks, but to me it looked like he had a nice oval-ly head, like me and my second two kids. (My husband and oldest have beautiful round heads.) The tech also kept telling me his nose and lips were also just perfect. Years ago I might have wondered why she made such a big deal about some of these things, but now I realize what great blessings they are.  The ultrasound was done in less than a half an hour thankfully since I don't particularly love them. So I guess I can get cracking on his baby quilt.  After I make a princess dress....
And wonder can you actually prepare an 18 month old to be a big brother?

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  1. great profile, I love baby profiles!
    excited for y'all