Thursday, September 19, 2013


My birthday is this month.  It just happens to be three days before my father's birthday which just happens to be two days before my sister's birthday.  My father only has two daughters, isn't this fun for him?
My husband's birthday is in February, which just happens to be two day's before my oldest son's birthday.  My daughter's birthday is in December, so for two years during my husband's MBA I would whine during September that my birthday was so lonely, no one celebrated with me.  I grew up with a birthday week extravagance, and my husband and son's birthdays are pretty much non stop parties all week, mixed with the holiday.  And my daughter, well the whole month is a party and decorations, so what about me?  I think overall I was just lonely while my husband was doing his MBA, because my birthday always corresponded with mid-terms. So my plan was once my husband graduated we would have a September baby, so I would have someone to share it with.  He of course thought I was nuts-- that's our relationship it works.  But my body does not cooperate with plans.  I am not one of those people that can say I want my child's birthday this day, so I can count 9 months back.  No, not until this pregnancy, I never get immediately pregnant.  So I planned in fluff months, well apparently I planned too many cushion months, because my fall baby was born the first week of August.  Pretty much a summer birthday.  But during that pregnancy I almost did myself in, planning my husband's 30th birthday and my son's birthday party and a class party, and since then I've been eternally grateful that I have no child sharing my birthday week. If I'm ever not pregnant again and I choose to be a room mom again, I will never have a class party over my birthday.  Its nice not to plan someone else's party during my birthday.  Since September has no holidays, it means its my birthday in prime glory.

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