Monday, September 16, 2013

Next Installment of 10 Years ago

Its about time I write my next installment.
So like I said I can't remember when I met my husband, and neither can he.
By this point in 2003, we had the same church callings in our singles ward.  In case you that means nothing to you, we were ask to both volunteer in the same organization in our church congregation made up of all single adults from age 18-30, minus our three ecclesiastical leaders and their wives, who had children that were give or take college age.  Our ward or congregation was about 40% college freshman, a few sophomores, a few other things, including some in their late 20s. It was an odd mix, of 18 year old freshman, and older 20 year olds who lived at home, and a few others scattered in-between. Some even had a career and owned their own house.  I on the other hand was an 18 year old freshman.

So Brent and this other girl were in charge of our church organization, and I was called/asked to serve under them.  Part of their responsibility was to visit random members of our congregation at their apartments. Since I didn't really know them, they pick my apartment as their first visit.  By the way I should mention, there was 6 girls in the apartment/dorm on campus apartment I lived in. Three were from Utah, two of those did not share my faith, the other one never stayed in town during the weekend, and so never talked to anyone who came over for church visits.  The other two did attend church with me, one was from North California, the other from Southern and I of course grew up in Dallas.  When Brent and this other girl came over, it was me and my two roommates from California who were in the living room, the others all left to their bedrooms. I remember a few things from that night.
 1. Brent sat on a kitchen stool in our living room.  (My apartment living room/kitchenette was about the size of a children's bedroom.) He had some pretty sweet looking red skate shoes, so I complemented him on them.  This made him very uncomfortable, and he spent the rest of the time trying to hid them from view which was challenging since he was sitting on wooden stool.
2. The girl that came with Brent was flirting mercilessly with him. I assumed she must be madly in love with him, and the sooner they got married the better.  The girl as in the other one that shared our church calling (job).  (I was only partially right, he married me instead...)
3. The girl introduced herself as a sophomore, as were my two roommates that were present, and said Brent was a freshman.  This confused the heck out of me.  Brent had this squeaky clean appearance that included an invisible sign over his head that said I served a mission. A mission, as in a 2 year church mission, were he went proselyting about our church.
4. After Brent and this other girl left (I honestly can't remember her name). My two roommates said Brent was kind of cute, I looked at them skeptically.  At that point in my life he was not my type.  Even though I did admire his skate shoes, I had not hung out with skaters since middle school.

A week or two later, I went with them to visit other members of our congregation as part as our church service.  Once again the girl flirted ruthlessly with him.  Then when we got to his car, she told me to take the front seat.  I found this quite awkward and confusing.  He refused to leave the parking spot until she buckled up. We visited two separate guys who lived at least 20 minutes away from campus and both lived at home, both times this girl had me sit between her and Brent.  Like I said I was rather confused, half the time she was shamelessly throwing herself at him and half the time she was avoiding him.

Turns out this girl was weeks away from being engaged.  My husband was interested in her at this point because what single straight male would not be interested in a fairly attractive girl that shameless throws herself at him?  I one day told him, wow you really dodged a bullet with that one, who wants to marry a girl who flirts with other men?  But what was by far the most awkward was when her fiance starting attending church with us, and he was all ready to be buddy buddy with Brent and I, because we worked with his fiance, but all the rest of us could remember not knowing she had a boyfriend.  Every time this guy was around I felt like I knew a secret, and by how awkward the girl acted I'm pretty sure I did. It was weird. Now this might all sound like I was jealous of the girl, you have to realize Brent and I knew each other for two semesters before we started dating, we both knew who the other person was dating, and in fact he remembered a boyfriend of mine that I had forgotten about. Plus he never dated this girl, because she had a boyfriend.

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  1. Have you seen the Great Gatsby? A strange movie, we just watched it, and I walked away thinking... How awkward to be any of those characters. Some who have secrets and some who know secrets in mixed crowds. It is so much better to live truth than to live a web of confusion and deceit! Kind of like that girl!