Monday, April 15, 2013


For various reason Brent has been gone two weekends each month for way too many months in a row.  But the positive thing about this, is I have no doubt I'm still in love with him.  I sit around moody and sad when he isn't around. Pining for my love.
Quite similar to my daughter who screams twice as much when he is MIA.
Have no fear they went on a french fry date today.  That's their daddy daughter date.  My oldest doesn't like french fries so when he asks why isn't he going we ask do you like french fries?  She gushes about gushes about how wonderful it is to go out with daddy.  They go after lunch while the oldest is in school, so he isn't around when she gushes about how special it is to go out with daddy.
I too love french fries so I always ask if I can go, she tells me no because then it wouldn't be as special.

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