Saturday, December 8, 2012


My husband has an upcoming work party, my plan was to pay a babysitter to put my older kids to bed and put the baby to bed before I leave. For at least two months he had been sleeping from 7 pm until at least 11 pm if not 3 am. Then the last 10 days happened he turned into a terrible sleeper waking up all evening to eat. I couldn't leave him with a teenager if he wasn't going to sleep. So I busted out the bottles and guess what he took!
I was so surprised my other kids wouldn't take a bottle until after they figured out a slippy cup. I wondered what I did wrong the previous times. Then I remembered this child takes a paci unlike the other children. Now we are ready for the babysitter. Plus after me sanitizing the bottles and such yesterday he slept through the night last night 9 pm until 6 am, then took two hour nap today and then a four nap. Thankfully today is looking a lot better than yesterday.

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