Monday, November 26, 2012


I think I should clarify, we do not have our son make pancakes because we are fun.  In fact the exact opposite.  My husband taught my oldest to cook pancakes, because he is actively preparing to kick my son out of the house upon high school graduation or on his 18th birthday, which ever comes later. My husband often talks to my children about when they become adults at 18. My husband taught my son taught my son how to cook pancakes so he can be self sufficient.
I personally did not like my son making pancakes, they taste great, but I hate messes, and lack of control so teaching a 6 year old to cook is not pleasant for me.  I usually try to avoid being present for such self sufficiency lessons.  The unfortunate thing is we usually have pancakes when my husband is not around, so now I am that has to pay the price of the lesson.
My mother made me a lunch every day for school through my senior year of high school.  A few weeks ago, I realized in a few years Brent is going to declare I am no longer allowed to make my oldest a lunch.
My guess is act of service is not my husband's primary love language, or even secondary.
I guess if we really want my son to move out one day, we should teach him how to tie his shoes...
One step at a time,
We got reading
We got bike riding
We got pancakes
I guess now we need tying shoes.


  1. I had that same exact thought yesterday. But it wasn't about you and your son, it was about me and mine. Oh, the blessing and curse of velcro!

  2. Everyone can make pancakes at our house, can I kick them out now? Oh, I guess I need to stop making their lunches...wait, will this lead to eating disorders when they only pack chips?

  3. I want a kid that can make me pancakes. But mostly I want a kid that can shovel the driveway.