Monday, December 31, 2012

8 years

Brent and I celebrated our anniversary. It was completely unglamorous, I will spare you the details, and share some highlights. We used our free babysitting in Utah to go out. I really wanted to take a picture with Brent in front of the temple, it was beautiful with all that snow, but he worked part of the week so I never made it over with him. On our actual anniversary he went hometeaching and made pizza for the whole family plus three kids who we were babysitting while their parents were in the hospital with a new baby. A day later he bought me a memory pad because he is dreamy like that and knew how much I wanted one. I am really ok with this as anniversary, I really have no need to waste our money in romantic getaways, and expensive dates. One day yes, but this season is little babies and one day when we no longer have to wipe their bums we'll travel. I adore my husband and his willingness to serve others makes me love him far more than flowers and candy.

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