Tuesday, May 31, 2016

In town

I don't think I could explain how much my life lately has been a leap of faith.

Three or your years ago I told Brent I wouldn't just up and move again. I just did. So I've desperately needed inspiration in my life.

Here is what has been spoken to me since I got to town: (Yes, these were literally spoken to me. I know my own thoughts and now after the deep abyss of my last postpartum depression I know how to distinguish between my voice and the voice of the Holy Ghost.)

1. Don't worry, your house is not yet on the market.
2. You can do this
3. It will be fine.

Last night I remember we spent the last 2 or 3 years looking for where we should buy our next home. Everywhere we looked in the springs was just not right for our family. When my husband suggested this move last fall I surprisingly said ok. I was surprised when I said it. It has seemed like what the Lord wanted for us but I don't know why....
( This is truly what is right for my family not my husband's consolation prize. Although I do joke about that.)

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