Thursday, May 26, 2016

Moving is dirty work

I started writing this on FB:
After driving 13 and half hours with my kids without my husband I took my children to the restroom in a McDonald's. Afterward we were waiting for our food to go. A little girl yells,
"LEMME COUNT 'EM. ONE..." whether her grandma hushed her or we walked out the door I'll never remember. I was not offended, I wanted to turn around and say,
Four kids equal so many bladders!
Plus we looked so raggedy after so many long days of moving. I won't mention how long it's been since we bathed and how many days my 2 middle children have been wearing their clothes. We packed up our lives, finished moving out of our house by 7:45 pm then drove for 2 days.
I'm not tired because I've drank too many Dr. Peppers but I am worn thin.
We change what city we want to move to daily. We been doing this so long we've cycled back through the same cities. For 5 days I had thought I wanted to move to city X. Tonight we drove around it and I hated it. I almost felt so defeated but the Lord knew my exhaustion and the spirit whispered, "your house isn't on the market yet." #tendermercy
I'm not really sure if I understood him correctly I've come to believe the Godhead does not speak the same language as I do and my job is to learn to understand their language. So the message might have been, "there there little one your house is not here." or maybe it's not on the market yet. Either way I was nearly in hot tears but thankfully that answer came quick.

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