Friday, January 8, 2016

Not quite two

Ikey turns 2 at the end of the month, and I'd say he right on schedule. He doesn't look as babish.
He started running by bending his knees.
He finally enjoys Nursery.
He's learned how to sing the "clean up, clean up," over and over. He can also sing "ashes, ashes, ashes," over and over.
Its adorable.
He loves babies, both real and fake. Although his interest is much more like a fun uncle than a little nuturer.
He is obsessed with Nemo and all things with wheels on it. For Christmas Turbo gave him a Lightning McQueen car because they were having problems sharing. For his birthday I think Turbo is going to give him a Mater. Same problem.
I guess I'm in the stage I need two of every toy.

A few months ago I realized he wasn't really talking except for guteral baby gibberish. (we joke he's our German baby, considering our last name.) He only said Momma, and baby. So I figured I've watched enough speech therapy with my daughter. I can either get him talking or know he needs an actual therapist. My daughter's pediatrician said she needs 5 words. I figured I want Ike to have 10 consistent words or I'd bring it up at his 24 month well child check. After working with him, he is completely capable he just doesn't worry about it.
He will now say Dada if prompted.
He can say all his siblings names.
He sings two songs.
He can say vroom vroom.
Two days after I got concerned in the middle of a conversation with his older siblings Ike added, "and -osh."
Last night he said everybody.
He can say his own name, although he doesn't like to, and prefers be-be-be-be.
He says more and milk although they sound very very similar.
Josh taught him digger two days ago.
He woofs and can sort of say dog.
About 3 months ago he became particular about his clothes and looks at what I put on him.
He also likes playing with little plastic animals. In the words of his grandma he has his ducks in a row-- He can make a line of cars back to back. He also loves playing with rubber ducks.
He is also obsessed with the toilet and wonders why nothing happens when he stands in front of it. I could probably potty train him, but I'd rather wait for his gross motor skills to develop a bit. I'm thinking late this summer.

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