Thursday, January 14, 2016

Common Goal

If you haven't noticed I've been obsessed with marriage articles lately. My poor husband. Ever since we went to the marriage seminar last year I've been obsessed. I realized my unhappiness was more than just depression, and I've become obsessed with rooting out the problems.
First off I have to say, it is not my husband.
Second off, its not my marriage.
It is me, and solely me. The strong relationship house, we have that built, but when there is something wrong with yourself, its tricky. I completely lost who I was over the past couple of years.

I will add, I think we have a great marriage, I love spending time with my husband, but I'm not sure I love spending time with myself.

But I've really digressed, the purpose of this post is to tell our common goal. When I first read about this idea last fall it was presented as a common enemy. When I brought the idea up to my husband he immediately said kids. Which is actually a very common common enemy. I will agree with him, our kids are at stages that make us miserable right now. But I wanted something positive, its not that I'm afraid of a common enemy but I NEED positive vibes in my life. Plus I don't want to grow up and realized I hated being a parent.

I eventually remember our former common goal back before children sucked the lives out of us. We have always talked and dreamed about different LDS missions we want to serve once we are empty nesters. So I made something to frame and hang in our master bath

I figured this was a great goal because it has so many mini goals.
1. Be on the same page financially.
2. Be deliberate with our retirement savings
3. Travel the world
4. Be fearless
5. Live without regret (you may wonder about this one. We always try to live without regrets, grandparents who are afraid of missing anything while they are gone aren't really living without regrets.)
6. Build our testimonies together, support each other in our callings.
7. Be happy together
8. Enjoy each others company
9. Raise children who are independent and fully functional adults

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