Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Your sister

Currently on Tuesday afternoons my daughter stays after school for Ballet Enrichment Class.
Yesterday about 20 minutes after my oldest got home, Turbo turns to him and says, "Where is your sister?" (They ride bikes home, I don't pick them up.)

I had to laugh, he didn't use her name, or say our sister, it was YOUR sister?

He learned that from me. Who learned it from his grandma.

Before my second baby was born, Brent's mom told me to call her, your baby, to my toddler, not my baby.
Oh isn't your baby so pretty?
Oh its, time to feed your baby.
You are so lucky to have your baby.

So I did, it seemed to fit with my dad's logic that I was my little brother's keeper. (Different story for a different day.)

Her method served me well I never really had anyone jealous of the baby, because it was their baby not mine. Or I just got lucky who knows.
It never got me in trouble until my fourth was born, both my second and my third would fight over who's baby it was, they didn't think they could share. Luckily they weren't holding him during said fights.

Anyway, back to present time. When the kids are playing outside, I'm constantly asking where is your baby? Since the 1 year old often runs away. They quickly response where he is, unless he has wandered in which case we all go look for him. 

So I had to laugh when the three year old asked the 9 year old WHERE is YOUR sister? 
She was at school where she was suppose to be, but I'm glad they are looking out for each other. 

Also in the little one's defense, the oldest usually gets home before his sister. I always ask where he left her, he is not suppose to let her out of his range of vision, or cross a street or hiking trail without her, he can go faster than her as long as he can still see her. But once he gets to the last street he has a tendency to ditch her. Hopefully its only when he can see me in the yard. :/
The rules goes both ways,  but I'm sure I don't have to tell you who is the stronger bike rider, they are three years apart in age. 

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