Thursday, October 22, 2015


I updated my blog title, so all the pictures fit the same color scheme.
I changed the picture of my kids.
We took family pictures this summer, and picked this picture, because when I thought about the reality of my life. This best fit it.
The only slightly unrealistic part is, my boys have polos not ugly t-shirts. (They pick their own clothes.) And my oldest is smiling not ignoring us. Actually I think he is ignoring everything. They are so much prettier when I can't hear the noise of crying. You wonder why I hid during breakfast.

This picture is also from the same photo loop. I love it, so sibling like. 
I tell her daddy all the time you better be worried about that girl, she is so beautiful and so flirty. The best way to worry about her is to make sure you have a great relationship with her, so she doesn't need attention from stupid boys. 

I also love this one, I can just hear their voices.
Ikey's guttural oh, and his older brother's high pitched baby voice response. His little brothers adore him and its because he can fake interest in their interests just like an adult.

Here's the whole family, my mom likes this one because of Turbo's laugh. I'm not sure out of 5,000 pictures (that was an exaggeration) we got any where we are all smiling and looking at the camera, and you can tell its just as much my fault.

But we did get a lot of me kissing my dream boy, that's all that matters right?

And a few with my babies.
 Thankfully my babies are currently asleep, and I'm pretty sure I can't call them babies anymore. One is almost two and the other is three?! I don't call them babies to them anymore because I potty trained the older one, and potty trained kids do not like to be called babies. But they are still my little boys.  Can I call them my mama's boys? Because they are, those boys are attached at my hip, unless they are running away.

"I keep with me all I know about you deep in my soul, because I am part of you, you are me. We love you, Mama."  Deborah Lacks quoted in The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks p. 221

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