Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Don't you wish I was blogging...

...I know me too. Whatever your answer was to that question my answer was the same.

I still have depression, but have a cocktail of medicines I take and so I doubt few people even notice. Although many know, because I'm not afraid to talk about it. 
I said to a friend, I guess I should stop calling it postpartum depression since he's almost 2, she said no its still postpartum. I love friends like that. 
Vitamin D is essential.

And hugs, I've never been a huggy person. But my baby gives the most wonderful hugs and over the years I've been teaching myself to enjoy hugs from my husband. So I've learned the power of the oxytocin boost from long hugs from only my direct family members (my husband and children).

I'm so busy I rarely have time for a nap or exercise. Its pretty lame.

Life is moving on.

My daughter's teacher left unexpectedly on a leave of absences. The principle asked we respect her privacy and not gossip. She left last week right before parent teacher conferences. I'm really annoyed I didn't get my conference. She doesn't have a permanent sub yet. I don't like to be that parent that complains, but if it isn't fixed by the end of next week, the principle will be hearing from me as I would guess many other parents.

I don't like to be that type of parent, but I find myself writing more and more notes to my son's homework to his gifted teacher saying, we don't have time to do this homework, we already spent too much time tonight on homework. Or we don't know how to do this homework, could you teach them in class or send home an explanation. The teacher doesn't seem to mind, he is never sent it back home and she didn't complain when we talked parent teacher conferences. She just kept going on and on about how great a mom I was. I have no idea what to think? Is it a test? 

I recently took a FB quiz thing, that said I'm a soccer mom. We aren't really a soccer family, I get overwhelmed with too many activities, but they were right, I like my family in tip top shape when it comes to schedule. Each night dinner time is based on when activities are, and every night we sit down as a family. It is beyond overwhelming, I'm so tired every night, and I hate cooking dinner. But I can't give it up. If I do what will my baby eat he isn't much of a cold cereal kid, plus I hate eating cold cereal. Every morning before I drop my kids off at school they repeat how they are getting home and where they are meeting. My whole life revolves around the time. I've taught my older two children the fine art of writing lists. They write lists of what needs to get done on days off from school. If this sounds exhausting you now know why I hide in my room while they eat breakfast until its time to make lunches. Recently I started cooking oatmeal on the stove for them some mornings. Its terrible, its another meal to eat as a family, because I don't trust my children in the brown sugar without supervision. They, including my husband all seem happy as clams at this new/returning development.

Lastly, here are my babies' halloween costumes. I didn't make them this year. SHOCKING I know. I couldn't do it, you have to accept your stage of life, your health, and your family needs. Sewing multiple costumes, wouldn't have been possible. Plus I didn't want to, my oldest's costumes exhaust me. This year he is going as the number π.
It might have been my fault. I told him he didn't have to wear a costume for school. He didn't have to dress up at all, but if he was going trick or treating he had to wear a costume and a 9 year old boy doesn't count. I also told him he could wear a repeat from the costume box and if he did he would be his mama's favorite kid. Instead he scowled at me and picked greek symbols.
If you happen to stop by this month, good chance this baby is wearing this fish costume. He loves it. Its the most adorable thing over, the fins wiggle as he walks. Plus he is almost 2, 1 and three quarters but yet he looks like a giant baby. We love it, where he is the youngest. He wear 2T clothes but looks like a baby, and squishes like a baby! I got nemo for $7 at the used store.

Turbo got a bloody black eye the other night when the missionaries were over for dinner. I'm not sure why I invite them over, we always have a catastrophe when they are over. His fireman coat was also $7 at a different used store. He always wears his free fireman helmets from the firemen backwards. But he is a better feminist then me, he tells everyone he is a firefighter. Which is funny since thanks to technology firefighters rarely fight fires anymore.

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