Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Half a Day

I use to take some of my kids to a nurse practitioner at our local pediatrics office.
(We only have one local pediatrics office in town, and not all my kids saw the same doctor because I didn't really like any of the doctors. I don't know where the nurse practitioner went but she left the office. They cycle through doctors fairly fast for my four years living here.)

So this nurse practitioner, she was the one who saw my daughter a WEEK after she broke her arm. Yes it took us that long to figure it out, she was using it fine until day 6.
There were plenty of visits I felt embarrassed about the visit as a mother, like I should have done something better. She was always super sympathetic and never judged me.

I saw her a lot during the year I had a big baby and a newborn baby. She was the big baby's (my one year old's) primary physician, but not the newborn. I don't even know why, I don't even know if I made these decisions or the office did or if no one did and it just happened. Anyway when I had a one year old and a newborn, my one year old was sick A LOT. Her children were now teenagers or older, and her family spacing looked eerily like mine. She often reminded me what she would say when she had two small children, "what you can do in a half a day I can do in a half a week".

I think of her all the time, saying that phrase to me, because its true.

I often feel like people are shocked at how little I accomplish. 
Or maybe I'm shocked at how little I get done each day.
I guess people aren't shocked they just wonder why I'm so slow.

But don't you wish I had that hair style last year?
Minus the cornfield in the back this is truly my life every second of the day. Until I charge my older children to entertain their siblings while I cook. If I didn't have my older kids I'm not sure I would cook. My two little guys are entirely incapable of entertaining themselves. My older children as toddlers and even know did their thing and I do mine. Turns out I didn't really understand the plight of motherhood until recently.
I don't really cook for my children I cook for me. I cook so I have the energy to not accomplish anything. I cook protein a lot so I'm not dizzy, not tired, not lightheaded. I can't function without a lot of animal protein, anything you have read about nutrition warning you of the dangers of animal protein never studied my body type.

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