Friday, September 11, 2015

A feminist right here

Remember how I said my husband and I have the goofiest conversations when we were going to bed.
A few weeks ago, we were talking about something... (too long to go into it).
After a while I said, if you want I can buy you a shirt like that.
It would make a great FB profile pic. If you were wearing a shirt that says, "This is what a Feminist looks like"
He said alright.
I said and while we are at it, I imagine how good your name would look with Hammond in the middle. (My maiden name.)
I told my husband, I will never be offended if you decide to take my last name too, especially on FB.

We giggled, in all reality, my husband is pretty feminist, mostly because it is very libertarian. He always supported me getting educated. He in fact brings up my future master's degree more than I do. He always told me if I decided to work he would support me. After reading an article about how men often don't support their wives getting raises because it makes them feel inferior if their wife makes more. He told me, you should go to Law School like you wanted to, I will always support you making more money than me. That would be awesome, whats wrong with all those men. They are losers.

But I keep laughing about this idea that he puts my last name in his profile, and gets that shirt. I told him how awesome it will be. But now it will never happen because he put this as his profile picture, and with a picture like this it will take him years to replace it.
I mostly laugh about it, because seriously why shouldn't he add my last name to his? 

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