Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The End of an Era

For the past year, a little over a year, I have been serving as the Relief Society Secretary in my ward (ie secretary of the women's organization of our local church congregation.) There were definitely parts of my responsibilities that got on my nerves but overall if I had to pick a calling this would definitely be high on the list. Number one reason why, I barely had to interact with people. I wasn't taking care of children, people didn't come to me with their problems, I didn't have to run meetings or plan anything. I just helped the presidency members, took roll and wrote up meeting agendas. It was amazing. In my previous calling I was in charge of a committee of 5-10 women for almost two years. I was so happy that I was no longer in charge of people/a committee of people. (I did enjoy that calling, but after two years I was definitely ready for a change.) I definitely felt like secretary was were I was suppose to be last year while having postpartum depression, I would have been unable to organize other humans whether they were 4 year olds or adults, it was such a blessing that the only communication I had to do was ask two women to give prayers.

In case you did the math, I spent the last 3 years in serving in Relief Society. It was a blessing, its where I need to be with being pregnant twice, so many new babies, and postpartum depression. Before that I was in primary for 5 years, primary definitely has its ups and downs. I love those years to but I needed to be in Relief Society for these three years. That's not entirely true, I was over Activity Days (weekday activities for girls 8-11) for the first two years of that five years, I didn't love that. I learned to love the girls, but every activity for two years challenging me immensely. Part of the reason it was so hard was because my daughter wasn't born yet, I didn't understand tween girls.

I have a new calling, but you'll have to wait until next week for the reveal. It was a shot in the dark for my husband and I-- totally didn't see it coming. It will be good, I'm oddly excited. A month ago I thought I would be devastated if they released me from Secretary, but its all good. It will definitely be a good change for more reasons then I'll type.

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