Monday, March 9, 2015


Have I mentioned Spain on here?
I honestly can't remember what posts I write, and what I only write in my head, and what I posts I never even pretend to write.

We would like to spend a year abroad with my husband working in Spain. His co-worker who works in Spain would come work here. We have been planning it for more than a year. His boss approved it back in January, and sent it to HR. If I pieced things together, they are ignored it until April because they have more pressing matters. Once they start working on it, it will take usually 8-10 months to get a work Visa. Not only that, it could be longer because we need two sets because it only works when Brent is trading places. We have mentioned it to people we know that we are hoping to go to Spain. Which means people keep asking me progress. I know they are well meaning but its starting to grate on me, I've given up hope, because I'm so sick of trying to explain to people that working Visas take 9 months. People have no concept of what I'm talking about. We only know people that work abroad for the military or who have been to Mexico on vacation. Military visas are completely different as is vacation in Mexico.

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