Friday, March 20, 2015

Copy Cat

My two and half year old pretty much copies anything he hears so even when he loves whats for dinner, he still cries and says, "that's disgusting, I not like dinner."
Today while I was changing his little brother, he looked over at us and said, "I just love that baby so much. He is the best baby."
He says awesome thing all the time, like a few days ago while he was eating breakfast I came down stairs for a second before I brought the baby down. He asked me, "You not bring my baby? I need my baby? Go get my baby."

Also today while we were out we stop by the store and on the way out of the store I accidentally step on his shoe and it fell off. He handed it to me, and since I was holding his little brother and it was a dry day I thought he could walk the 20 feet to the car without a shoe. So I held his hand and kept walking, he hopped on one foot all the way to the car. It was stinking hilarious!

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