Monday, January 12, 2015


Well I've still been thinking about that.
I still agree with it, when I'm in a temporary bad mood, or going through a rough patch (like postpartum depression) my husband is an absolute peach and picks up so much slack. 
When he is in a bad mood I think of it as a blessing, because it reminds me to pray for him and to serve him. Serving people is not a natural talent of mine so I often forget so I'm grateful for the reminder. I know that sounds beyond cheesy but its true.
It never occurred to me to pray for my husband until a few years ago when he ended up in a conversation beyond his control that was really not a situation he or I wanted to him to be in. Is that weird that we were married for 8 years before I ever started praying for my husband?! There are countless conference talks about praying for your children, but your spouse is a different story...  Maybe there are plenty but I honestly never remember hearing any until just recently in the past year or so. Back to the point since it rarely happens I really do think its a blessing when my husband gets grumpy, so I remember to serve him and pray for him.

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