Saturday, August 9, 2014


As all of you know my third child is a redhead. Is there anything more adorable?! 
 My three oldest children all have different color hair. People love this, almost as much as they love seeing them hike up mountains.
Ok, my husband's side of the family likes to claim Mr. A isn't a redhead because he is strawberry blond. But come on look at that first picture.
For six months people have asked what color hair my fourth has. I think its red, but lots of people don't. I kind of wonder about their opinions anyway, because any almost bald baby with peach fuzz can have any color depending on the lighting. I think his peach fuzz has a red tint.
 Doesn't their hair look like the same color? (Ignore my stained carpet, you have no idea how much shame it brings into my life.)
 More red peach fuzz.

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