Monday, August 4, 2014

Mt. Herman

We summited our local mountain on Saturday. 9,000 ft, ignore the fact that I live at 7,000, and the trail head probably starts at 8,000 so we only hiked less than 3 miles total. 
First time for Ike to be that high without the help of a car, we've only passed the continental divide three times in his short 6 months. 
I'm super proud of her, its the first time she has hiked with her dad without him carrying her for at least a few minutes. Also she teaches all of us, you are never too fabulous to be a mountaineer.
 When I look out vistas like this, I realized how insignificant I am. Which is a good thing.
 Someone made a shelter and left it.
 Hooray we actually took a good couple selfie.
 We are trying to teach them to carry weight so we can go backpacking again. We need their help, there is too many of them. There were a couple of times she wanted to quit carrying her backpack, but each time we would take something out and tell her she could do it.
 My lungs didn't burn this time! Hooray, I'm so out of shape, little by little my flabby body is going away.
 This little one, hiked the whole way up himself.
We didn't give him the option of hiking down. I think my husband is amazing to carry both of these guys. Thankfully he does,  I'm not in shape enough to carry the little one yet. But soon I'll have to be for backpacking! eek! Thank goodness we have two different carriers so Brent can double up.
Ikey doesn't really like the baby bjorn. But let's be honest, in comparison to the ergo baby who likes the baby bjorn. Let's also be honest, Mr. A doesn't like being carried during our hikes.

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