Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Vision Miracles

On April 1st, I wrote a post, that I couldn't get to upload from my phone. It said, Six years ago today, I blogged about my husband's retina detachment, and the the surgery he had to seal it back up. No one believed us, because it coincided April fool's day. But pretty much every day I'm grateful my husband isn't blind. The doctor told us luckily he was young so his retinal fluid was still gelatinous or he would have already been blind. It was also a miracle he even went in for an eye exam, since he has 20/15 vision.

Yesterday April 8th, Brent went in for an eye exam.  His eye surgeon said he should have his eyes checked every year, but since moving to Colorado he hasn't been that worried.  Finally after 3 or 4 years, he agreed for me to schedule an appointment.  Good thing, his laserized stitches are holding well, but his retina has detached in two more places. So this morning, he got a call from the surgeon's office, they are seeing him tomorrow.  Round two of eye surgery.  This morning I told him, I'm going to push you get your eyes examined every year now.  He agree to that. Two of his uncles are blind in one eye from retinal detachment. (He might have told me his grandpa also was blind in one eye.)  I can't tell you how grateful I am that my husband isn't blind in one eye.  Although at this rate one day he might not have any peripheral vision left in his eye, but better than no vision. Stitching the eye retina back in place causes a blind spot in his peripheral vision.  At this point it hasn't created a problem, because his eyes compensate, but the more surgeries he has will obviously cause more blind spots, especially if it keeps detaching.

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