Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Turns out my husband didn't need another round of eye surgery.  Hooray.  The specialist we saw seemed to have never seen a repair like his, so I think that is why the original doctor sent him to the specialist.  The specialists said it was a gutsy repair.  I had arranged babysitting for my daughter until her school started at 1, so we had the whole day to relax after we left with no surgery on the horizon.  It was lovely, we put the babies to bed, and hung out.  It was a date night during the day, in our house.  Since we are home bodies, our favorite dates are at home when the kids are gone.
Life has still not slowed down.
The oldest got the flu last week.  He got better just in time for the neighborhood easter egg hunt. Then during dinner on Easter my daughter just crashed, and she has been home sick ever since. I'm praying the babies and I don't get sick.

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