Wednesday, March 30, 2016

8 National Parks

My husband took our family to 8 national parks for spring break. It was insane and a dream trip all in one. We camped all but one night. Not in a RV, in a tent, two nights we had toilets and showers, one night we had latrines but mostly we had dirt. Ok only three nights were dirt. We saw other families but usually they had RVs or tent trailers, or motel reservations. If you see my husband with an RV know there is something terribly wrong.

We saw lots of couples throughout the trip. After awhile I thought hey why didn't we ever do these things pre-kid? Maybe we did a terrible thing starting a family (its easy to think that when multiple kids get diarrhea while traveling.)

When we got married most people told us not to start a family. I found this very confusing since they shared my faith, and as far as I could tell their advice contradicted what is taught in LDS General conference, what is taught in the temple and what the Holy Ghost had told us. But 11 years later I wondered where they right and we were wrong?
(Side note I've had people far older than me ask would I recommend my life schedule to other newlyweds. My answer only if they think it is right for them. I never judge when someone has a baby. It's not my place.)

Then I remembered we were so broke when we were newlyweds. We did school with no loans or grants we had no money for camping gear. It's easy to make financial choices when its between food and toys. We had no money for gas. We knew all this and we knew we wouldn't have money to buy gear for at least 3 years. So having a baby wasn't a hard decision. (You may say expensive. Actually it wasn't. Babies don't actually need much, we were given most of the little they require (people are very generous when babies are born, not so much for funding your vacations.) and the little we did buy cost less then a decent tent. Although I did have to buy a year of diapers.)
All thought those couples looked like they were having fun. Well not all, but most. That will just have to wait until I'm 47.

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