Monday, November 10, 2014

Medicated Part 3-- My toddler

Back in May my mom sent me Deliverance essential oil. It seemed to help us get over what ever the heck happened to my big baby to need the nebulizer. But after that honestly I never used it again. I was so frustrated because we all ping ponged back and forth colds non stop, from about February until July. Once I started using essential oil for my depression, I figured might as well bring out the Deliverance again. My big baby and small baby FINALLY got over their colds and other respiratory junk. For the first time in months!
Then I started reading about essential oils, my toddler is a stinky boy. He use to wake up with terrible morning breath, the poor sibling that has to share his room. His older siblings would complain about how stinky he was. I use to wash his blankets multiple times a week because he was so stinky. He always had stinky feet, I washed his shoes regularly. Then like I said I was reading, turns out this same oil he was what he needed. Now I rub the oil mixed with coconut oil on his neck and he doesn't stink in the morning or after naps. A friend pointed out he had post nasal drip, well true, but now its gone.
He was also prone to ear infections, so whenever he messes with his ears I rub it below his ears.
I rub the oil mixed with coconut on the bottom of his feet and he doesn't get stinky feet. I put some of the essential oil in his shoes and the smell went away. His feet were getting so stinky that after ONLY ONE DAY his shoes would reak!  SO SO stinky, it was awful, now he is totally a normal kid!
I love it for him, and he loves it. When he sees me using essential oil he demands to get some on him. He will bring me cotton balls to put oil on and then he will walk around for about 10-20 minutes with his cotton ball enjoying the aroma.
As I continued to read Deliverance is also good for gingivitis. Mr A, does not have gingivitis but he had some intense plaque issues. We did everything we could think of to help him, but he still just had so much plaque. Once or twice I diluted on his tooth brush. The problem is almost completely gone. Although it does taste gross and he doesn't like it in his mouth. Sure he still has an aggressive oral health routine, but before it wasn't getting better, we were just keeping it at bay, and now its so improved. Mind you I put it on his neck multiple times a week, so I figure he is still getting benefits of it in his mouth.
Now, if any of my kids wake up with a hoarse voice or complain of any cold like symptoms the first thing I do is rub deliverance on them. No one was been sick since July, that may sound silly because who gets sick during the summer but we were sick the whole beginning part of the summer, and spring and end of winter. Plus we started back to school with no cold like symptoms, no runny nose, no nothing, and I've known a lot of people who have gotten some nasty viruses the last two months. I rub it on everyone's neck except for the baby I put it on the top of his head.

I originally wrote this a month ago and forgot to post it. Nat got strep a few weeks ago, but no one else got it. And currently Ikey has a running nose, but those are the only sicknesses we've had in months!

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