Sunday, November 9, 2014

Medicated Part 2

I started writing this post right after my first essential oil post, but forget to finish it. This post might be deemed an overshare or #tmi (too much information).

My mom got me using Butterfly Express essential oils.
I started using Baby Me.
I disgruntly also let my mom buy me the ebook of Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oil. I didn't want it because I really wasn't planning to get into essential oils. But I started scanning it for information. Baby Me blend incidentally was the oil my brother was suggesting for my colicy infant. He was right my baby is way happier and less fussy when I rub it on the soles of his feet. Instead of crying himself to sleep he just cuddles down and sleeps.

There are multiple ways you can "wear" Baby Me, I started with my inner ankles. Whenever I get hormonal my inner ankles ache up the wazoo. Depending on how bad my hormones are the ache goes from ache to utter pain. Postpartum depression made the pain very intense. If you have ever looked into reflexology, you may know that inner ankles is the pressure point for reproductive organs.

As I looked into Baby Me oil more turns out my anti-depressant oil was also good for "increase skin elasticity, retard wrinkles, enhance skin tone and remove scaly patches" How did they know? My upper arms this summer totally went like old, dry, old lady skin. The essential oil mixed with coco butter made my skin super nice. There is a fair chance Butterfly Express does not condone cocoa butter as a carrier oil but its one my favorites, I use the unscented kind. Did you cocoa butter adds fragrance to their lotion? I've read the ingredients they do!
Then I realized, "Baby Me is wonderful for skin conditioning and makes an excellent aftershave for sensitive skin" Perfect, I have terribly sensitive skin and shaving my legs can cause me to break out in hives. Now some would take this as a reason to not shave, but I'm much to prissy for such thing. Its really been a great essential oil for my beyond dry skin.

Back in May when my mom sent me essential oil for my sick sick baby, she also sent me some for muscle pain. I didn't use it at the time, but I pulled it out when Baby Me was working as such an effective anti-depressant. Over the summer I was getting wicked headaches that would last for days. OTC painkillers barely touched the pain. They made it possible for me to be functional but just barely and I still was in lots of pain. Turns out unexplained aches and pains is a symptom of depression. I didn't know this until this summer. The essential oil I already had was Deeper. Since OTC headache medicine wasn't working, I started using Deeper on my temples. Within minutes the headache subsided, I used Deeper regularly on my temples and along my cranial ridge for weeks. Luckily I loved the minty smell. I was actually sad when I didn't need anymore because I loved the smell so much. I now use it on my postpartum carpal tunnel.

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