Friday, December 20, 2013

Its December

Its December, and it has been that way for 20 days.  Have you been busy like me.  My daughter has, she has hit up every santa she can find to tell she them she wants a green boy bike.  Ok, she doesn't say all that, but the bike she wants is too big for her, a boy bike and green, I'm not sure why she got obsessed with it.  She isn't getting a bike for christmas. 
First we found santa at Home Depot. This is actually my favorite picture.  
(My seven year old won't go near Santa.)
 Even though baby is blurry this is my favorite picture of the month.  He has since learned how to rip ornaments off, and turn on and off the lights.  I guess he isn't a baby, he is my 16 month old toddler.
 Then we found Santa with Mrs. Claus at church.  This Santa actually distributes presents to poor kids on a firetruck, pretty cool in my opinion.
So the other day we also saw Santa at Bass Pro Shops, and I have the copy that Bass Pro Shops gave us, but I didn't bother taking a picture.  How many does one child need?  She knows they are pretend santas and will tell you that, but that doesn't stop her need to see them all.  I wasn't too impressed with Bass Pro Shops santa, which was annoying because they actually wanted money for seeing santa (buying pictures).

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