Friday, December 20, 2013

Home for Christmas

You see my daughter in that dress, that is the christmas dress I wore one year when I was little.  My mom brought out the dress and she loves it.
We have almost lived here for three years, this is our third December.  Every december my kids get out for school the Thursday before Christmas.  Every Friday before Christmas, I work busy busy busy to get ready to leave bright and early in the morning on Saturday for christmas with the family.  And by bright I mean dark for two hours.  Except for the first year when a storm was coming, so we left Thursday after half day kindergarten. This my first lazy Friday before Christmas in this house.  It was thrilling.  We cleaned, we screen timed, we played, we wrapped presents, etc Three out of the five of us stayed in pajamas all day.  (Brent went to work)
Anyway, so... it has been 7 years since we have spent christmas eve in our own beds.  Its all very exciting to know we aren't leaving for Christmas. Although sometimes nerve wracking, we have never spent christmas alone! But I have no desire to sit in the car for 9-13 hours.  Seven years ago, the last time we slept in our bed for Christmas eve, our 10 month old went to bed at 6pm on Christmas eve.  Brent and I spent the rest of the evening with his family, his parents had just gotten off an 18 month mission for our Church in Toronto.  Everyone dressed up for the nativity, honestly it was my first memory of every seeing anyone dress up for the nativity.  I'm one of the younger siblings and cousins so I have no memory of doing it as a child. (Apparently Brent was a wiseman who brought root beer to the baby.)

   Then the next morning we woke up when the baby woke up.  We gave him some awesome presents, since we had barely any money. Which we had been storing wrapped in the fireplace for some reason, I don't know why Brent decided it.

  My husband gave me the movie Sphere.  I learned I hated that movie, and refused to finish watching it, while my husband did not refuse.  He also made potatoes for his family Christmas dinner.  Awesome memories huh?

Since we are having memories, lets continue
Last year we went to Utah, that was 2012
 Third Baby's First Christmas.  He and great grandma were fast friends.

The previous year we went to Texas, 2011

(Where my 4 year old nephew decided he wanted to be the baby Jesus. I'm so glad for pictures, it was super hysterical.)

The year before that we were in Seattle.  2010
My maternal grandma lives in that area.

Before that we were in Texas again.  2009
Look how little they all were.
Especially my daughter, who is now 5!

Oh the year before that was the year my daughter was born and two weeks old.  So we did spend that year at our house, but some of my family came to visit, two of my brother, my sister, my parents and their respective families.  (My daughter's stocking fit on her head, as her Aunt Teresa so kindly pointed out.) 2008

The year before that we spent it at my in laws.  2007

Remember 2006, is the whole point of the post, that we have only spent two christmases at home. This will be our third, and our first without family.

8 years ago we spent it with my brother, his wife and toddler. It was our first christmas married, and I was 8 months pregnant.  (Yes, this is a terribly unflattering picture of me, just keeping it real.) 2005

And 9 years ago, we were in Texas, a week before we got married.  2004
Nine years ago most people had huge boxy tvs with small screens.  My husband and I were quite young, but looked even younger.

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