Tuesday, June 11, 2013


A friend of mine wears skirts all summer long.  She says its because she looks weird in shorts, I tell her no, its because you spent years living in Europe. I on the other hand, spent 10 years growing up in Texas.  I proudly wear shorts all summer long.  The minute it is warm enough to wear shorts you'll find me at the park with my children wearing shorts, even if it requires a jacket. I have twice as many pairs of shorts and long pants. I know other cultures think Americans are ridiculous in their fascination with shorts. But its not just United States Americans, its the whole western hemisphere as far as I can tell. In Costa Rica everyone wore shorts.  Why because its hot, and when it hot why not wear shorts?! I personally think my 7 year old should still be able to wear shorts to church, but my husband says he's too old.  He's probably right because I almost typed my 5 year old should wear shorts, but he's not 5, he's 7.  And probably 8 is too old for shorts at church, so....
I personally would put him in shorts, a white shirt and tie, yeah, I might be a little too obsessed with shorts.

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