Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Last day of school

When I was volunteering my one time in 1st grade, after bubble day was over I had 20 minutes to burn before preschool was over. So I was filing for the teacher. The class lined up for recess and one of the little boys in class said, Mrs. Hunt I wish you could be our teacher in 2nd grade and 3rd grade too. I couldn't help myself I said, I agree. I had been thinking that very thing the other day. I got so sad a few weeks ago when I realized she wouldn't be J's teacher forever. But it's for the best because you never want a teacher you don't like forever. Plus I'm pretty sure most teachers you don't like aren't bad teachers they just aren't a good personality mix for you and your child. Anyway, here is J and his fabulous 1st grade teacher. 
Did I ever mention she use to teach in the town I grew up in. She taught elementary there when I was in high school. 

The last day of preschool was at the park. Unfortunately it was cloudy and in the 40s. 
At 7 am when I checked the weather the sun was suppose to come out at 10 and warm up to the 50s. Yeah it didn't we were not prepared for the weather. Lucky I know were we live and I keep extra layers in the car. We still froze. 
When we picked J up from school, he was one of the last kids to be picked up like always. I have 2 kids who hate to sit in the car, I can't sit in line for 45 minutes to pick him up 5 minutes earlier. His teacher walked him over to the car and we chatted a minute. I could tell she was just as sad as me, but j is not one for emotion so after minimal chit chat he said good bye and shut the door. I'm sure she  later got a good chuckle later on. 
Then we went to Fro-yo. I told J I would take him. 
And now it is summer. 

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