Wednesday, May 29, 2013

End of preschool

Nan finished another year of preschool. She doesn't turn 5 until December so she'll have three years of preschool under her belt before kindergarten. My opinion is that is too much preschool, but it's what she's needed in her life. Sometimes or all the time your children prove your opinions wrong, and life makes you eat your words. 
They had a big end of the year program. Which I loved. J only had one year of preschool and we moved a month before it ended so who know if anything happened. And there was jack squat at the end of kindie I was very disappointed. 
I pulled my oldest out of class to watch. Preschool is in the elementary school, I love it that way. He wasn't pleased, but I told him he was apart of a family and that's how life works. 
Every birth order place has different benefits. As the oldest he hasn't had many chances to just deal with it while a different child gets the spotlight. His sister was so pleased he watched her. 

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