Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First day of summer

There was plenty of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth on the first day of summer vacation but that is to be expected. I have lofty goals this summer, only one hour a screen time, and doing at least one fun thing a day. Anything from playing a board game, to eating cookies, to going to the park or swimming. Oh yes, I'm an over achiever. First day we found Zuckerman's famous pig.
Wilbur himself
Her Web
Don't forget to find baby cakes, in the above picture. I even let him play, instead of sitting in the stroller the whole time.
The kids like (Alice and) wonderland better.
Cheshire cat
I should add on the second day of summer after Memorial Day, we had no crying. I made a schedule that starts at noon, and leads us through our screen time. Clear expectations. That being said, it doesn't include Tv, I'm not that brave, so some days they will have more than a hour. But my max is two shows or one movie. I've never included devices, like phones or tablets into screen time before, now I have. The day was so much more pleasant.

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