Thursday, June 5, 2014

Not Pregnant

I miss a few things about being pregnant.

Being warm all winter long.
(I don't miss being hot all summer long.)

Eating snacks after my children go to bed.
Now, I'm not hungry so I don't eat, I figure I don't need the extra calories, for no extra benefit.
(I don't miss needing to eat a big hardy breakfast everyday.)

I almost wish I could think of other things.  Back in December a woman told me she missed the feeling of being pregnant and having the baby move.  I found it odd mostly because baby #4/pregnancy #4's baby never moved.  It was quite odd and I occasionally wondered if something was off.  But it turns out baby #4 just isn't wiggly, which is odd.  I don't miss babies moving inside of me, I never really enjoyed it anyway.  Maybe in 20 years I'll miss it. Just like in 20 years I'll supposedly miss sticky hands.  For all those women who miss sticky hands, they should go feed the nursery kids sticky food, and then hang out with them without washing their hands.  I'm not sure they do miss sticky hands.  I'm sure I will miss little chubby clean hands, but sticky....
Knowing one day their little hands will be much bigger I already miss their little chubby hands even though they haven't grown up yet, because half of them have grown up, and their chubby hands aren't chubby anymore.

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