Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Ok, so its a little early for Happy Thanksgiving.  But you know that is about how my life is, either really early or late.  So here it is.  Here is cute almost 5 year old (less than a month!) with her turkey she made for school.  She did everything other than glue the leaves, I helped her because I used the glue gun. 
Speaking of early or late, we got the car all cleaned and vacuumed for Thanksgiving. Hoorah! And I got my christmas sewing done.  As it all my new niece's and nephews' stockings and a tree skirt.  They needed to be done before Thanksgiving, so they would be at their houses for set up the day after Thanksgiving.  So they are all shipped and I believe arrived.  Another Hoorah! Now, for some reason I'm making that cute girl above, matching dolly dresses and her dress, than I have a month to finish.  Then I have a baby quilt to make during December.  Then who knows what January holds, because I'm already so uncomfortable I want to scream! 12 weeks.

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