Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I'm sure many of you have seen this badge.
I love it. I've been thinking about it lately.  Yesterday was insanely busy, but some days no matter how much you fight it you have those days.  
I've also being thinking about the multiple blog posts that are in my head but have never been written and uploaded.  Since August they have been floating up there.
Here is the question, does any unpaid mommy blogger keep up her blog if she started it when her kids were little and at home all day with her, once she has multiple kids in school?  I just don't have the time I use to.  I'm pretty sure everyone I knew in real life who blogged regularly when all their kids were under 5, no longer blogs regularly.  
I wish I was keeping better record, because I know one day I'll forget things, but instead I want my 5 free minutes, smiling at this sweet boy.

He is our smiley baby, and everyone adores him, luckily he has lots of people to adore him, because his parents definitely don't have the time they had with the other two.
Brent was telling me about this thing he was listening to on the radio about being busy.  The lady quit everything other than work and school for a year and everyone was so happy.  I said, we have one more than that, work, school and church.  Which is the reason we aren't filled with a bunch of extracurriculars, I don't believe my children would be more happy if I was carting them all over town.  Last night I went to pick up pizza and let me tell you, everyone cried and whined that they had to get the car, and they weren't playing with their toys or on the computer.  For PIZZA! they are the ones that always ask for pizza.  So yes, I try very very hard not to be overly busy.
If you are related to me, you may remember I use to send out birthday cards to everyone.  I took a sabbatical once my husband started his MBA, because I just didn't have the time/energy anymore.  Yeah, that sabbatical turned into life, I barely get cards to grandma's and grandpa's a week late.

I was also thinking about how two or three years ago, I thought I might pull out my hair because all I ever did was stay at home ALL DAY long with these two little kids, and I wondered if I would ever leave on a regular basis.  We went grocery shopping once or twice a week, and if we were lucky in the winter I would take the to McDonalds just to get out of the house.  How I can't even fathom that anymore, I feel so bad for my baby, because he is always getting ripped in and out of the carseat, in and out of naps.  I'll be honestly thankfully I've moved on in life past being stuck in all day wondering what excuse I could have to leave, because how I desperately wanted an excuse to leave back in the day.

I'll be honest.  I have no interest in being more busy.  I know my children are thriving in school with only free play after school.  But every so often I wonder, am I ruining them, will they not succeed in life if I don't put them in sports?  Will they ever be able to catch up with their peers? I know logically I'm being paranoid, but I still worry.  Its interesting I worry, because I've always hated regularly playing team sports, and I thinking my son is the same.  He knows his friends play sports, and he never asks me to sign up for them.  Once last year he asked to do gymnastic, but that is all. My husband and daughter love riding their bikes, while I force my oldest son on his bike.  I'm pretty sure in ten years, my daughter will ask her dad to take her mountain biking, and my son will say, I'll just stay home with mom while we read on the couch. Ok, so he won't actually say all that.


  1. I am home, all day every day. When I actually HAVE to have the car and have to take Jake to work and run ALL the errands it makes me batty. I prefer being home. My little kids and I don't leave the house for days at a time and we're ok with that, no one is complaining :)
    I won't be putting my kids in extras til they ask and even then I'm going to have rules. I agree that busy is overrated.