Friday, October 19, 2012

Specials Night

My least favorite day of the whole school day is, the open house, the day before the first day of school.  We find out who our child's teacher is, meet the teacher and drop off about 20 lbs of school supplies per child all while the rest of the school and siblings are there the same hour.  There is no parking, and once again 20 lbs of school supplies while trying to keep track of your children in a huge crowd. Lots of families who no longer have small children use strollers, the best idea I saw was using suitcase.
My favorite day of the school year, is the specials sampler.  I'm sure soon my son's grade will be too old for the special sampler, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.  We go in the evening and meet with his class, and go around to all his special classes, meet the teachers and they show off what they are learning.  Music the do a little song and dance, in PE they play games, in art they make a mini project with clay.  This year they mixed the colors for the color wheel.  All those little kids are all so cute, and I realize my son really doesn't have terrible fashion, almost all the rest of the kids are dressed as bizarrely as him.
They have enough xylophones for everyone in the class, and they get to play them almost every day.
 Doing a song and dance with a parent.
Color wheels
Playing catch with a pig.  We need one of those.

I have no pictures from Technology, Library, Counseling, because really what would I have taken pictures of.  He has an hour of everything every week other than Library and Counseling.  Library is half an hour, and counseling is a half an hour every other week.  I only wish he also had spanish.... Other than that, all my wildest dreams have come true.  All the teachers know the kids by name, they recognize us when we see them around town, and one even knows the little sister's name.

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