Thursday, December 18, 2014

My baby turned 6

For whatever reason I never expected this child to grow up, but she did, my December baby turned 6.
I was going to buy a pinata, then I saw the price! What the heck I can tape together some cardboard and glue on paper for that price. I used packing tape, I should have used masking tape, I ended up making an indestructible pinata with cereal boxes...
She had an Elsa theme party. She has been growing out her hair since the summer so she could have Elsa hair for her birthday.
 Its rough choosing an Elsa theme party when your favorite color is PINK!
 I found the banner here.

 We watched the movie Frozen.
 Played pin the crown on Elsa. It was not a frozen party it was an Elsa party, my daughter is very particular.
 My boys sported some snowman shirts.
 This boy doesn't like smiling for the camera.
 Just a few Elsa's showed up.
 We actually invited all the girls in the kindergarten class only three showed up. It was pretty fabulous, if I would have known there was such great odds, I would have done this years ago.
 We ate bagel pizzas, olives and carrots.
I copied a pinterest cake, sort of. I melted blue jolly ranchers. The girls only wanted to eat the blue candy not cake.  I though about putting candy around the bottom of the cake, but that would have required another bag of jolly ranchers and I didn't want to buy more. None of the girls complained.
 After attending expensive location parties and seeing child birthday parties that rival wedding receptions on pinterest its amazing how simple a party can be and how much fun kids can have.
 Movie night/video game night birthday parties are my favorite. They are so low key and the kids love them.

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