Tuesday, May 15, 2007

turning to the blog side

I decided the time has come to turn to the blog side. I read my sister in laws' blogs enough and comment enough that the time has come to start my own. I'm sure my husband will be dismayed, but it was inevitable. (He is the one that moved me next to and beneath them for two years. Those two years make up 9% of my life, and almost 100% of my married life, so its a good portion of influence. ) Plus his biggest complaint is that people should be following the prophet and writing in their journals, not blogging. And I do write in my journal, so I'm saved from the sin of blogging, right?


  1. I consider my blog my journal. There's a website where you can make your blog into a book, I'll find it for you if you'd like. I've got 3 years of blogging, which is more than I've ever journaled in my life and consider it my journal. Blog on!

  2. Oh yeah, I'd loved that site if you can find it. I've been wanting to start a site like that if they didn't have it already, but I don't own a printing press so...

  3. Lesli! I haven't read any of your posts yet, but I too am a part of the blogging world.



  4. I found it! It's http://www.blurb.com